Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Steinbeck's Still Writing is running an AP story about Los Angeles writer, Joel Eisenberg, discovering a collection of lost Steinbeck manuscripts.
"Eisenberg found a 188-page manuscript of 'Sweet Thursday,' the sequel to Steinbeck's famous 'Cannery Row'; a manuscript from another book, 'The Log from the Sea of Cortez'; an unpublished story, 'If This Be Treason,' set during the McCarthy era; the unfinished draft of a musical comedy called 'The Bear Flag Cafe' and carbon copies of 13 Steinbeck letters from 1953.

The collection will be auctioned May 24 in San Francisco in two lots. The auction could generate more than $500,000."
Congratulations, Joel. I'm happy for you and for Steinbeck fans, but I'm probably not the only one who is skeptical that these manuscripts were suddenly found. (Wouldn't the papers give off an ethereal glow? Wouldn't a chorus of angels sing when you opened the box?) I truly hope they're authentic. If they are, they'll be published soon. In the meantime, enjoy an oft neglected, but fun Steinbeck read, Travels with Charlie. It's a travel memoir about a driving across the United States with a standard poodle in a camper.

I'd like to own a place called, "The Bear Flag Cafe." I just might some day.

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