Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blog Post of Note: Los Angeles Riots Remembered

I mentioned in a previous post that I could not find much written about the fifteen-year anniversary of the riots. I spent a bit more time over the last few days looking for comment. I came across this one remembrance at Monday Morning Media Quarterback, and I thought I'd share it. Los Angeles Riots Remembered, 15 Years On :
"Late in the [Laker playoff] game, a message flashed on the square scoreboard above center court. ”Inglewood Police Control: Exit to the North and West only.” The crowd had been psyched–until we stepped out into the darkness and fire. A friend’s Honda had the windshield smashed. Our inconspicuous 1987 Chevy Cavalier was unharmed. All the streetlights were out. People threw rocks as we drove through deep puddles where firemen had tried to stop the burning. We raced north on LaBrea, looking into every car as they looked at us, wondering if the people inside were angry enough to kill. "

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