Thursday, May 10, 2007

Griffith Park Fire

(Photo-LA Times)
If you have missed the news lately, you might not know that a large portion of Griffith Park has been burned by fires.
Burnt park not down for the count - Los Angeles Times: "The fire that engulfed almost a quarter of Griffith Park was brought under control Wednesday, but not before destroying familiar natural landmarks and leaving hillsides charred and barren."
The Griffith Park fire destroyed more than 800 acres. One of the largest municipal parks in the United States, the 4,200-acre property was bequeathed as a Christmas gift to Los Angeles in 1896 by Col. Griffith Jenkins Griffith, who made a fortune as a gold speculator. All of the park's buildings survived.
[Read the article--link above--to see which points of interest are temporarily lost to the flames.]

It is an extraordinary part of the city, and it is the one of two places (other than the Pacific Ocean) that I tell visitors to LA that they must see. I proposed to my wife there. I hiked there when I was in high school with friends, especially at night, to see the dazzling city below and a clearer vision of the universe above.

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