Monday, June 25, 2007

Fires Again at the Top of the Los Angeles Times

Even though we know that fire is a constant of living in California, there's no doubt that this year some of our most precious resources are being threatened. Again, in today's Times:
Tahoe fire claims at least 180 structures - Los Angeles Times
: "'It's like a 100-foot wall of flame that's marching through the forest,' said Leona Allen, communications supervisor of the dispatch center for South Lake Tahoe's fire and police departments. 'It's thick with smoke. You can't see your hand. You can't see anything across the street.

'This is the largest fire we have had in the basin since I was born here in 1960, and this is probably the worst tragedy I have ever experienced in my life,' added Allen, whose own home was among those destroyed." (Photo: LA Times)

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