Friday, June 8, 2007

California Driving

An Alert reader posted a comment to Wednesday's musings on AB 493. (The Sacramento Bee reported yesterday that the bill failed on the Assembly floor.) The comment suggested that the Bear take a look at the website:

It is a cool website; though, we should disclose that it's sponsored by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. (They didn't support AB 493, and they had a handy link to send an email to state legislators that would voice one's discontent.) Apart from lobbying (which is cool with the Bear, since they're upfront about it), the site offers some nice features. In particular, we liked the page that lists great California drives.

We also like their writing on the site's mission, titled, "California Dreaming:"
The top down on a warm summer night and nothing between you and the stars high above. The road from San Francisco to Stinson Beach. Skiing in the Sierra in the morning, replacing the skis with a surf board and heading for the evening surf in the Pacific. California dreams that can be a reality.

Welcome to WeDrive California. Here you will find information about what’s happening in California’s automotive scene. From fun events like car shows and cruises, information on taking great drives in our scenic state, to the latest news on new products, safety and technology, WeDrive California is the place you can visit to find out what’s really happening in California’s car culture.

Kudos to their copywriter.

Now, get in your car and head for the hills.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that site - it looks really well done and the California Drives is really cool (can’t believe the 405 isn’t on there…). The post on AB 493 was also very good I though, your point on the right idea – wrong way to do it was exactly right in my book. Penalizing small business and making new taxes is not a viable solution, if government wants to do something progressive they need to encourage consumers to buy more fuel efficient cars and the growth of that technology and not penalize those who don’t. I actually have done some work with the Alliance and I think they do a very good job of trying to increase awareness of these issues that most of us don’t get to see all the sides of. Washington is actually looking to do something similar right now in Congress – the legislatures are trying to create new regulations that will mandate standards that will also benefit those who want cars like the Prius but penalize those who want to choose SUVs, trucks, minivans, etc… I’ve seen their website about this too, its pretty good ( also worth a look IMO.

K. M. Johnson said...

Cubpost, thanks for your comment. We'll check out the drivecongress.